Book Club: April 9th GINDAASDAA Reading Circle

The Gindaasdaa Circle is a book club focusing on Indigenous authors who’ve written about Indigenous Knowledge, Reconciliation and Worldviews. One book is chosen for everyone to read, review and to discuss at the bi-monthly Gindaasdaa Circle meetings.

GINDAASDAA (Ghin-daahs-daah) Means ‘Looking at something together & learning from it’ in the Ojibwe language. (As we didn’t have books)

This time, the book is A Pipe for Ceremony by Charles H. Red Corn. This book is an Indigenous telling of the experience of the Osage Nation, which has been in the media because of the recent movie Killers of the Flower Moon.

Attend in-person or online.

Contact Naomi to RSVP

This circle is open to anyone.

Categories: diversity, equity, inclusion, healing, reconciliaton, osagenation, gindaasdaa, bookclub
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