Event: May 18-19 2024 Walpole Island First Nation Spring Pow Wow

Flyer promoting the event. text below. Image shows the Walpole Islan First Nation logo.

On May 18th and 19th, Walpole Island First Nation will host their 30th Spring Pow Wow in Bkejwanong Territory.

Free to attend. All are welcome.

Learn more about the Pow Wow on their Facebook Page.

Learn more about Pow Wows and etiquette:

A primer on Indigenous Pow Wows from Indigenous Corporate Training.

Indigenous Pow Wow Protocols from Indigenous Corporate Training

Indigenous Pow Wow Dances from Indigenous Corporate Training

Tips for Attending:

Listen to the Master of Ceremonies – they’ll explain what’s happening to help visitors.

Ask permission before taking pictures.

Want to get in on the dancing? Listen for the Intertribal dances - these are for all people present to partake in the dance.

Don’t touch people’s regalia without permission. They are not costumes and hold special meaning to dancers.

Support the vendors. Some vendors may have interact or etransfer options, but please make sure you have cash on hand as well.

Outdoor settings are sometimes uneven so watch your footing.

Sometimes bleachers are available for people, but it never hurts to bring a chair with you.

Seats closest to the dancing circle are reserved for singers, dancers, and drummers.

Respect that some sections set aside for those with mobility issues to sit with mobile chairs or walkers.

Leave pets at home as animals are not necessary at cultural gatherings and ceremonial functions.

Sometimes specials can include placing a blanket on the ground for generous donations by visitors.

Security is provided for parking lot areas.

Ambulance and police are present.

Don’t bring alcohol or drugs.

Have fun!

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