Mrs. J. O’Rourke

by liverpoolhabs,

Is Chatham Kent getting any of the carbon tax we are paying? I think Chatham Kent needs to plant trees on any land deemed “ useless” for building or farming. Trees are the easiest way to improve the environment. There are all kinds of little spots to plant trees. We also need businesses to come up with a plan to reduce their footprint on the environment. We are going backwards in many ways. It’s time to stop businesses from using single use items. We need to reward local businesses for coming up with ideas. Chatham could put itself on the map as becoming an example of being carbon friendly, it doesn’t have to cost us anything!

There are new high rise apartments in Chatham, why can’t their roofs be used for rooftop gardens? They are doing that in Paris, they use 90% less water and produce is used in local restaurants, surplus can be sold at a reasonable price at a market. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to mention that I am shocked at the litter on our streets, far worse than it used to be. BTW, there is a subdivision in Leamington off Klondike where expensive homes are built, there are so many trees being taken down,it is the only place I’d heard actual “ tree frogs”. This could be an endangered species, also there are hickory trees there which I’ve never seen elsewhere. Shouldn’t tree removal be stopped while there is an environmental study done about the impact this is having on local plants and animals ASAP ?