Transitioning to a Regenerative Future....

by Rover223,
I'm a permaculture designer. Engineering is an applied design science that uses math and physics to design/build/create. Permaculture is an applied design science that uses biology and models the ecology to design.It creates sustainable human habitats while regenerating the environment in place using natural methods. It can be applied to residential, commercial, farm, and industrial properties from the size of balconies to whole islands and countries and can be used in any climate. The founders of the Transition Town movement used permaculture to create its underlying practices.

Transition Towns were created to meet the challenges of the climate emergency, peak oil, and peak debt by creating out of the box, tailored to the community solutions that are practical, affordable, and build community spirit.

I've also worked with the Post Carbon Institute as a local coordinator and have a library of resources for dealing with the aforementioned challenges.

There is a lot to do, I'm encouraged that official channels are reaching out to the citizens for solutions. The collective intelligence, knowledge, and resources of all of us far exceed those of any individual or group.

The actions we can take span from better public transit, to local currencies to support local businesses, to encouraging the adoption of renewable energy systems, to becoming food self-sufficient at a household and community level, as just a few examples. Contact me if you want to learn more via GreatLakesPermacultureON at gmail dot com