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  • Wowzers!

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    WOW! 171 feedback responses! You all know how to BRING IT! Way to leave 100 in the dust!

    We promise to put your voices and the valuable time and energy you shared with us to good use. In fact, we are already using it to make the next PD Day even better! Stayed tuned for updates!

    We will be drawing the 5 gas and food gift card winners’ names LIVE at Monday’s event An Evening with Darci Lang: Focus on the 90%. No worries, you don’t have to be in attendance to win (but why wouldn’t you be there? Darci Lang and free dinner at the Retro Suites…it’s a no brainer 😊 Click here to register!)

    You. All. Are. Amazing!

  • Gas and food prices getting you down?

    CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.
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    We are just 18 surveys away from reaching our goal of 100 feedback responses from the Oct 21 Heartwork and so much more – CELEBRATE! Professional development day. And we need your help to get there!

    To sweeten the pot, we've upped the ante! Now you have 5 chances to win and you get to choose your prize!

    Win 1 of 4 $50 gas cards or a $50 President's Choice gift card!

    Take the Survey

    Please help us reach our goal of 100 responses by completing the survey if you haven’t already or by getting the word out to your friends, co-workers, and staff.

    Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to share their feedback about the with us. We have already learned so much!

    Good luck and thank you for your continued commitment to learning with us!

    PS If you attended Chris Wright's Risky Play workshop, Chris wants to know what you thought too! Let him know here.

  • Highlights from May 9

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    Hello, Heartwork friends! We have a treat for you:

    Paula Thiesen has captured some of the great moments from May 9th in this video that we're so pleased to share!


    She's also created a mosaic to capture the day. We've posted it as a 24x18in poster to the right, plus here's a link:


  • Emma Richard - Graphic Recordings of "Heartwork" Day

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    My name is Emma Richard, and I am so excited to be joining Heartwork and So Much More as your graphic recorder. My role as a graphic recorder is to be a witness, a listener, and to create artistic representations of the conversations and happenings at various events. On May 9th, I will be joining you to listen to the sessions, watch the chat box, and draw visual summaries of whats going on in real time.

    Like a lot of us adults, I first connected with the arts as a kid. I danced, drew, painted, sang, and didnt worry one bit about who it might be seen by or whether it was any good. But also like many of us, I lost touch with my seven year-old artist. I studied to be an engineer, and after realizing that was not the career for me, the arts slowly reeled me back in. Its perhaps worth noting: the way I understand the arts is not some sort of exclusive practice that is accessible to a select, gifted, tortured few. To me, the arts are guttural, human, instinctual, and boundless. In that, they have so much to show us about ourselves and each other. Additionally, that makes children some of the best artists I know.

    My graphic recording and illustration practice began formally in 2018. Since then, Ive been connecting my analytic engineer with my seven year-old artist to listen, intuit, and make sense of peoples ideas, and translate them into visual pieces. At the heart of my work, I aim to create visuals that, yes, look appealing, but that also lead to better communication and deeper understanding of the matters at hand, both within individuals and across larger groups.

    Over the past four years, I have had the privilege of working with folks in the early childhood education sector on numerous occasions. I have been blown away time and time again by the intention, reflection, labour, and care that goes into working in this field. I am honoured to be joining you for this event on May 9th. I am so looking forward to capturing your stories, reflecting back your expertise and wisdom, and offering a vibrant and visual record of this event and the wonderful community composing it.

  • Check out the latest activity of some of our Heartwork and so much more speakers, Dr Emis Akbari and Kerry McCuaig at the Summer Institute!

    Climate change continues to impact young children around the world both in terms of their access to the outdoors, as well as their social and emotional well-being. It is vital that environmental sustainability is embedded in every aspect of the early years - from the environments children learn in, to the education young children receive about the importance of climate action and sustainability.

    Join us online as experts in climate action, land-based learning, urban planning for sustainability, and incorporating environmental sustainability in the early years share their expertise and knowledge.

    Event Page: https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/atkinson/Events/2022_Events/Summer_Institute_2022/index.html
    Bios: https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/atkinson/Events/2022_Events/Summer_Institute_2022/SI2022_Bios.html#SI%202022%20-%20Day%201
    Brochure, which includes registration form: https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/atkinson/UserFiles/File/Events/SI2022/2022_Summer_Brochure.pdf

  • Heartwork and so much more event - May 9

    On May 9, 2022, the day following Mother’s Day (yes, we planned it this way!), we brought over 4,000 child care and early years practitioners and champions together, for a day of inspiring conversation on the value of childhood and the ECE profession!

    May 9 was a day of sharing to remind you of…

    • the learning YOU foster in children
    • the joy YOU bring to your colleagues
    • the well-being YOU champion for families
    • the spark YOU ignite within communities
    • and the prosperity that YOU fuel within local economies!

    Our guests reinforced the gift of childhood and the value of your profession in moving forward the success of our children, community and economy!

    Video links of our time together:

  • Heartwork Inspirational Videos.

    Prior to our May 9 event, we were so happy to invite members from across our communities to share their response to the comment, “To me, Child Care and Early Years is Heartwork and so much more because…” via video! These videos were shared on May 9, and we provide here again for you to always be reminded of your value!


  • We Made the News.... Again!

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    Check out this great article in Cambridge Today.

    Article can be found using this link.

  • Many thanks to St. Thomas Early Learning Centre!

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    Check out this amazing video. LINK

  • We Made the News

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    Be sure to check out the article from the Chatham Daily News about our big day!

    Link to article

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